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Understanding ↠ Creating ↠ Branding


In my work, I combine not only the skills I bring as a graphic designer, but also the strengths that define me personally: Understanding, empathy and discipline in realization. Whether for your product idea, your own company or other projects – with my broad portfolio of skills, such as web design, logo development, corporate design, video, photo production & 3D visualizations I want to help people like you to tell and visualize their ideas and the story behind!

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↠ Personal Website

Design and realization for Romy Uebel, a friend who not only offers external communication for companies, but also internal healing work.


↠ Artist portfolio

For my dear uncle, the German artist and painter Daniel Sambo-Richter, I designed and realized his online portfolio.


↠ Online Shop

For a friend’s project, I created the logo as well as the online shop and its design for home accessoires.


↠ Product & project website

Together with friends, Tillmann Lange and Peter Margis, we’ve created the concept & design for the Berlin based furniture manufacturer System 180 GmbH.

Logos & Letterings



»Every design carries a story.«

A story full of personal experiences, feelings and insights that may take courage to tell, but which led to your idea. Whether you want to bring your own brand, product or service to the world – with my experience I’d like to help you to tell and visualise your unique story & idea.

My name is Clemens, and when I’m not moving my body or enjoy the beauty of nature, I work as a graphic designer at the company System 180, for friends or other projects, based in Berlin.

The early influence of art, music and graphics always made me curious to try new things and paved the natural way for my work over the years. Through a wide variety of projects and people, I have been able to constantly expand my skills – from typography, web design, to photography, to filming and 3D visualizations.

But what has always driven me the most is the collaborative work on an idea of a personal story and the one behind it.

To understand you and your ideas in their entirety and to present them in the best possible way, it is essential for me to get to know your story.

If you are interested in working with me, just send me an e-mail or contact me via instagram.



Feel free to write me an e-mail or simply on Instagram to let me know about your idea!

I look forward to hearing from you!